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Does your project take shape ?


Our production

All our models are produced to withstand the test of time. Our incontestable strength, the reliability of our equipment and the rigidity of our structures made Louisiane the « QUALITY » manufacturer recognized on the market.

HomeCompanyVacances Privilège range production

To become the owner of a Louisiane mobile home is a guarantee of a quality product, designed in conformity with building standards and techniques.



The models of the Vacances range are equipped with series of glass wool and a vapour-barrier.


The strucure is made with small building standard trusses assembled with connectors.
The steel tanks are particularly resistant to corrosion, abrasion, ultraviolet rays…thanks to a galvanized steel sheet with a polyester coating of 25 microns.


The insulation is cut according to the exact dimensions of the wood frame and then stuck on it, so as to avoid thermal bridges and to ensure maximum insulation.
The polystyrene insulation wall is part of the production line equipment of the Vacances range.
The use of Graphipan (Thermal coefficient above 23% in comparison with standard polystyrene) is optional.


The floor, comprising polyane film + 40 mm of polystyrene + 19 mm CTBH hydrophobic panel is part of the production line equipment of the Vacances range.
The use of 40 mm of Graphipan (Thermal coefficient above 23% in comparison with standard polystyrene) is optional.
The use of 2 x 40mm of Graphipan (Thermal coefficient above 146% in comparison with standard polystyrene) is optional too.


The steel chassis is extremely strong, with 120 mm to 180 mm hot-dip galvanized steel girders. A guaranteed rustproof solution.


The EN 1647 European standard, set by the European Standards Committee to ensure the safety and health of mobile home users by establishing the minimal requirements as regards, in particular, emergency exits, ventilation, risk areas around household appliances, as well as the installation and the use of liquefied petroleum gaz.
The EN 1647 standard ensures that the Louisiane models comply with the quality and safety standards which are recognized.
Louisiane’s mobile homes also meet the requirements of :
- The EN 1949 standard concerning the installation of a GPL system for domestic needs in habitable recreational vehicles.
- The EN 721 standard, related to natural ventilation.