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Louisiane services

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Environmental policy

Within its field, Louisiane is involved in protecting the environment, taking into account environmental health concerns.
All the departments of the company are mobilized and engaged in this approach... a civic issue.

- The integration of the mobile home in your life space: such as « TAOS villages » creating real spaces, closely associating modernity and nature.

- The choice of housing materials: chipboard, laminated, recyclable PVC are chosen according to the nature of their component.

- The choice of labelled product suppliers, as regards our wood frames, particularly in promoting sustainable forest management and combining processing techniques with ecocertified materials. As the main constituent of a mobile home is wood, Louisiane attaches great importance to this commitment solidarity.

- Waste recycling: Apart from determinable profits, the impact of the activity is taken into account through the putting into place of regional recycling channels; it brings together the local players from Brittany and the Aveyron who are close to production sites.

- The choice of technologies to reduce your energy consumption and in addition to help you enjoy your mobile home for a long time.

  • 200 mm of glass wool in the roof
  • floor with reinforced thermal insulation (optional)
  • RoSH label incandescent spots
  • Suction grip water-heater
  • water flow reducer
  • half flow toilet flush
  • compact fluorescent bulb (en option optional)
  • A class household appliances

Louisiane’s customer service

Listen to you, advise you, propose you…

Campsite managers, our services are at your disposal to help you with the installation and the maintenance of your rented accommodations.

Let the Louisiane know how lead you

Our team of sales staff as well as our customer service, are always ready to listen to you and to advise you while purchasing your mobile home. They also assist you as much as possible, in organizing your transports and in making it possible for you to profit from quality services.

The after-sale team of Louisiane is at your disposal to ensure the follow up, under or out of guarantee, and to help you with the installation and the maintenance of your mobile homes.

For any servicing or spare parts ordering, a single contact from the after-sale service will follow up your file, from the beginning to the end of the process. To allow you to have more autonomy and to be more responsive as regards everyday’s small problems, we offer trainings to your technicians at our sites of Loudéac and La Cavalerie. Do not hesitate to approach your adviser and to enroll.


Louisiane’s mobile homes are built to last.

After years of operation, you might wish to refresh them. We propose à la carte renovations, by small steps until the entire home is done. Thus you will be able to extend the life of your Louisiane’s mobile homes or to facilitate resales.

Louisiane’s mobile homes are in great demand as discounts are given on them !